Wednesday, June 24, 2009


The Best Bed Bug Spray, Control and Pesticides

At ePestSolutions we can help control bed bugs with our full line of professional bed bug control supplies, bed bug sprays, dusts, aerosols, bed bug pesticide, insect growth regulators and pesticides for the Do It yourself Pest Control homeowner, to kill and control every aspect of bed bugs. These professional insecticides, baits and traps once were not available to the general public, now you can use the same products the professional pest control technicians use at a fraction of the cost.
Unfortunately for travelers and renters bed bugs are on the rise, but with the correct products and careful attention paid to cracks and crevices bedbug control is made easy. We carry a full line of insecticides, dust, aerosols for the control of bed bugs. We also carry the full line of Allerzip Allergen mattress and box spring covers, to protect you bedding from bed bugs. Products we love: JT Eaton Bedbug travel size spray to apply to hotel bedding and luggage so that you will not be traveling back with these pesky insects.


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Bed bugs have spread as travel has become easier. They get transported from country to country in luggage and other goods. Over smaller distances, they can travel in bedding, clothing or furniture.
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